• Dear esteemed colleagues and friends,

    On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored and delighted to welcome all of you to the 6th Annual Meeting of Arthroplasty Society in Asia (ASIA2018) from November 8h to 10th in Shanghai, China.

    ASIA was founded in 2013 to make a neutral Arthroplasty platform within Asia. Mission of ASIA is to reinforce Asian arthroplasty surgeon network and collaboration, to accomplish the ultimate goal of promoting the development and exchange of Joint surgery techniques and clinical research, as well as to enhance patient clinical outcomes. We commit to build up a leading Joint academic association which is able to actualize arthroplasty development and better patient service within Asia Pacific.

    The first meeting was held in Beijing, the second in Seoul, the third in Agra, the fourth in Guangzhou, and the fifth in Tokyo. Those five meetings were very successful. The sixth ASIA meeting will be held in Shanghai under the slogan of “ASIA for Asia”. The Scientific program includes up to date knowledge, panel discussions and deliberations by masters. The most important aspects of the regional orthopaedic issues in hip and knee arthroplasty will be open to discuss. Lots of distinguished invited speakers as well as organizations worldwide will join in this meeting.

    The organizing committee has been doing our best to make the meeting enjoyable and memorable.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

    Warmest regards,

    Haishan Wu , M.D.
    Chairman of ASIA2018
    President of ASIA

  • 各位亲爱的同仁,朋友:


    亚洲人工关节学会(Arthroplasty Society in Asia ,简称ASIA)成立于2013年,旨在亚太地区建立一个中立的关节外科专业交流学习平台。 ASIA的使命是加强亚洲关节手术外科医生的网络和协作,实现促进联合手术技术和临床研究的发展和交流,以达到提升患者临床治疗效果的最终目标。 我们致力于建立一个领先的联合学术协会,该协会能够在亚太地区切实推进关节外科的发展,更好的为患者服务。

    从首府名韵的北京,欣欣向荣的首尔,蓬勃发展的阿格拉,繁花似锦的广州,到落英缤纷的东京,ASIA的五次会议都成功举办。第六次会议将继续以“ASIA for ASIA”为口号在上海举行。科学设置的会议内容、形式涵盖最新骨科知识,有小组讨论和大师们的研讨。针对髋关节和膝关节置换术等亚洲骨科热点问题将进行开放讨论。许多杰出的讲者嘉宾以及国际组织代表也将参加此次盛会受邀发言。





Arthroplasty Society in Asia